Sunday, April 15, 2018


Her shining, generous presence, those wonderful eyes and that smile.

The records played all day long.
We danced to Linda Rondstat: She led. I led. No one led. She sang  Blue Bayou high and thin. I sang too--sang along--low, then we sang together
"You better let somebody love you
before its too late."

She made us eggs, toast, buttered bagels and tea and washed every dish immediately.
We watched a scarecrow being made.
Her past pastel delighted me:
She put a Teddy bear on the bed for me,
two extra blankets, towels and a washcloth.
It was fall and the church next door sold pumpkins and gourds.
The garden then
Glorious, the Correopsis

The ancient oak trees


Waving as I departed, she said:
"Be good"


Mural seen
from the third Avenue bus near 100th Street
 Noticed while waiting for the 106th Street crosstown
 (what used to be)
 Now is...
 My early Spring visit is just the first of many because these Gardens change their visage every week with the progression of Seasons
The Conservatory Gardens
Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Street is Central Park's six-acre formal garden. It is divided into three smaller gardens, each with a distinct style: Italian, French, and English. The Italianate center garden is composed of a large lawn surrounded by yew hedges and bordered by two exquisite allées of spring-blooming pink and white crabapple trees. A 12-foot high jet fountain plays on the western end of the lawn, backed by tiered hedges and stairs that lead up to a wisteria pergola. On the walkway under the pergola are medallions inscribed with the names of the original 13 states.
 The northern, French-style garden showcases parterres of germander and spectacular seasonal displays of spring tulips, and Korean chrysanthemums in autumn, all within an ellipse of Japanese holly. 
In the center is the charming Three Dancing Maidens fountain by German sculptor, Walter Schott
Pansies at the ready...
 ...some planted.
To the south is the very intimate English-style garden.
There are five mixed borders of trees, shrubs and perennial plants, and five seasonal beds featuring spring bulbs that are followed by annual flower displays. A slope of woodland plants lines the western edge of this garden. At the center is sculptor Bessie Potter Vonnoh's lovely Frances Hodgson Burnett Memorial Fountain, a tribute to the author of the children's book, The Secret Garden. The children — a girl and a boy, said to depict Mary and Dickon, the main characters from the classic — stand at one end of a small water lily pool.
 A beautiful curve of hedge
Other plantings include one Daffodil
among the many Narcissus blooms
Lenten rose
Lovely old Willow that had to be topped in the last storm
(Imagine it twice as high)
There are ducks and Geese on the lake
Random scenes
The Garden's main entrance is through the Vanderbilt Gate, on Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets. This magnificent iron gate, made in Paris in 1894, originally stood before the Vanderbilt mansion at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street.
I left at sundown
Home at 8PM

Conservatory Garden Home

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Daffodils for Wendy Golden-Levitt
(She's healing well)

It was this sort of day:
Sun crept up the sky and slipped through curtains to wake me from my dreaming. By noon the temperature was sixty degrees and home chores done, I was heading out. I got what I needed from two stores, chatted with two people, waved at three, visited the library, exchanging literary reviews with my favorite librarian, and photographed headlines at a local news stand.
 At three PM, sky overcast, I worked my way around cliques of school kids bursting with their freedom and with my two new audio books I returned to base. It feels like rain is lurking.
 Nothing happened.

Face Book Message appeared as soon as I logged on and I'm still trying to decide if I care. I have a lingering residue of anger I'm aware of which may take some work to disengage from. I'm not yet ready to abandon this ship. Sorry about the cut off screen shot.
I followed through to this:
"Check below to see if your information may have been shared with Cambridge Analytica by the app “This Is Your Digital Life.”
Was My Information Shared?
Based on our investigation, you don't appear to have logged into "This Is Your Digital Life" with Facebook before we removed it from our platform in 2015. However, a friend of yours did log in. As a result, the following information was likely shared with "This Is Your Digital Life": Your public profile, Page likes, birthday and current city. A small number of people who logged into "This Is Your Digital Life" also shared their own News Feed, timeline, posts and messages which may have included posts and messages from you. They may also have shared your hometown. Review and update the information you share with apps and websites by checking your settings.
Was this information helpful?"
YES and NO
I went to my Face book SETTINGS as instructed. There are too many COMPLICATED STEPS TO REMOVING APPS and TO REMOVING STORED DATA. I tried and tried to no avail. I have only three and they are not lethal so okay for now - but - Damn! It should be easier.
Here's another Link If you feel like reading more from Mr. Z.

Honey Sweetens Everything
Especially honey from these bees who are the healthiest at the market.
Try the Elixer
(a healing mix of pollen and honey)
 Spoke to this young man burning purifying sweet sticks from Peru.
I cleansed myself.
On my way home again
 I've already got eggs and butter. The plan, as you can see, is to make a double batch of rich brownies to eat Sunday and share with my writing group and the Zendo next week.
The evening news was deeply distressing

Tuesday, April 10, 2018



When I adjusted my settings to accommodate friends who did not have blogs of their own and were having trouble leaving comments, I started getting the same 'anonymous' troll, sometimes with the same obviously not relevant comment as on a previous post, but I've still got 'approval first' so it's not a problem. I mark it spam but it doesn't quit. Interesting but not that interesting. Tedious is more like it, similar to robo-calls on the telephone. Previously I had a 'no approval' status and then I got hundreds of 'google' spams unrelated to whatever my post was about. Just sayin' and wondering if any of my real blog friends get similar comment anomalies? Do you ever wonder if there are real people behind the phenomenon?

The rest of this post contains links.
If you go to a link and I hope you do, when you want to return to the post, just click on the back arrow. Someday soon I will figure out how to have a link open in a new tab.

Real life continues with a Sunday afternoon haircut from Marla when Helen was unavailable. She was slightly shocked when I asked for a dual selfie, but she complied and I forgot to turn the flash off.
This an extreme closeup of my hair, each strand of which is capable of providing a complete picture of my DNA, a fascinating subject:
I am a crime fiction fan with a particular interest in psychological profiles and well conceived detectives. Currently "Unforgotten" is running on Channel 13 Sunday nights at 9PM in Manhattan, wherein Nicola Walker leads the crime-fighting duo on MASTERPIECE Mystery! But the series’ complicated cold-case investigations surprise even her as they unfold week after week for a total of seven episodes. The first episode was superb. You can watch it here:
On my way home I waited to catch the sun going down behind this church on East 14th Street.

A beautiful day all together and in the evening I ran into our 'leader' on my way to the regular writing group downtown. A truly nice man and quite a wonderful writer as well. He is a volunteer and provides us with some of the best two hours of creative freedom on record.
(Frank Haberle)

I keep up with the world International, National and local via many diverse sites and sources, but it speaks for itself and I just don't want to talk about it here this week. However, this is a shot of a news stand in my neighborhood and...
 ...I must admit the story of Todd Brassner, the man who died, though sad, has most interesting details relating to real estate and collectibles:


Front and Center on National Public Radio
Facebook and the 87 million whose data was sold to Cambridge Analytica who then allowed politicians and others to use that data for their own agendas. This is the first day of two days of Senate hearings:


Saturday, April 7, 2018


Evidence of Spring
Gramercy Park
 Tulip Tree at Union Square
Impulse Purchase
I Fell in Love

1st Amendment on the street
 4th Amendment on the Street

 Street Performance
"Love is All There Is"
 Triangle Trio

Onlookers #1
 Onlookers #2
 "We are All One-There is Only U"
 "love Yourself"
 "You are Already Awake"


Trader Joe Haul
Potato Leek Soup
 $3.99 Coffee and $2.99 Spinach


Channel Thirteen Tonight